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Thread: capturing mice for the blind

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    capturing mice for the blind

    Hi ya,
    I am a blind programmer developing a game for blind players. I am trying to integrate the mouse into the game by allowing the user to pan left and right and fire and reload with the left and right mouse buttons respectively. I have done extensive research on directX directInput, and I am able to acquire the mouse and get it to pan my different objects in the soundscape. However, I don't think the way I am doing it is very efficient, and I cannot get the clicks to work, as each time I click, the mouse is outside my form somewhere.
    I am not asking anyone to tell me step by step how to poll the mouse properly, but I would like some pointers and/or advice. I have spent hours trying to find this information on various sites and nothing I have found is relevant to my problem.
    Many thanks for any help.

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    Sorry, but if you are blind then how you coding at all? moreover how you made this thread (the link, membership, newthread and stuff)? Sorry if this sounds stupid but i was just a courious



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