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Thread: 'Argument is not a valid value' :( ??

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    'Argument is not a valid value' :( ??


    I've taken over a project left from an ex-employee, and haven't worked with VB in years.. .. but this project needs to be completed asap I've the following error:
    ERROR: Argument 'Expression' is not a value value.

    And basically all I've been doing so far, is formatting the output fields to show dates correctly. And I believe I'm getting this error, as nothing is in the field, so therefore it might be null/invalid. But the place where I found this, is in code portion of an ascx file in the solution. But I can't see anywhere in the design/code tabs where this field might've been initialized ... can anyone please please please tell me where/how I might be able to find this so that I can fix it ? .. . .if it helps, I'm using VB.Net 2003.

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    You say ascx file. I'll assume this is an project then. If so then the file your working on will either have a codebehind file with a .vb extension or it will be at the top of the ascx page. That is where the field will be initalized


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