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Thread: How to run the application exe for a shared folder?

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    How to run the application exe for a shared folder?


    We developed a windows form application using VB.NET 2005. We want to put the application exe in server and share the folder throught LAN so that all user can access the exe.

    We installed applicaition setup in all client PCs. and copy the application folder which contains required dlls, and exe into server and share the folder.

    While click on EXE at client place, it does not open at all.

    How to run the application exe for a shared folder?

    We want to run through shared folder to avoid multiple version of exe running and easy to update EXE.

    S. Muhilan

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    I think Windows has restrictions over running exe's in shared folders. Microsoft has disabled this feature due to security reasons. Imagine if an exe can be started from a shared folder, hackers can breach your company's security like a sitting duck. Though I don't know if exceptions can be defined.

    What we do instead is to run a patcher that will ensure all versions on all clients are up-to-date. If it is not, the patcher locates an updated patch in our specified location then install it on the particular client. The patcher is usually started when windows starts.

    For simpler means, you can also release a memo every time you have updates and inform the users to patch their exes to the latest version. Then let them access a shared folder containing the patch.

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