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Thread: How do I add my code here

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    How do I add my code here

    I wanted to show my code and explain this problem. How do I add my code here it is not allowing me to paste my code properly, boxes come up when I try to paste.

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    Read the Forum FAQ about "Reading and Posting Messages", especially the page about vB markup codes. Some of these codes can be automatically placed in post or wrapped around text if you click the buttons in advanced posting editor. You have to experiment some to get the results you are satisfied with, when writing the message click Preview button to see if the post looks as you want. You can also Edit a previous post if necessary. Code blocks should be wrapped in one of the appropriate code tags. (Use [code] for VB.Net code, the button in advanced posting editor looks like this: '#')

    Edit: Having problem with code formatting? Use the A/A button to preserve indenting and avoid colored keywords truncating. (it's default for QuickReply)

    Screenshot of the advanced posting editor:
    How to format posts with code blocks etc - present the problem/post properly

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    vb XCODE example

    I noticed this thread is a bit out of date and doesn't include anything about using XCODE blocks for formatting code here. So here's a quick screenshot and example:

    Go to the advanced Editor, the button is a note icon with "vb" in green letters. See screen shot below

    Any feedback/critique/comments/suggestions on any my code is more than welcome! Thanks
    Happy Coding Everybody!


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