SOAP using VB.NET 2010 web service

  1. scottm
    I have to connect to a web service that requires using SOAP and I'm very new to SOAP. I have established the reference to the service (WSDL) and as a result have all available classes for this service now in my project. How do I send the SOAP request to this service to establish the connection (username token, timestamp)? Any comments, suggestions, or examples would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. jmilstead
    Scottm, I have a similar challenge in that I need to send and receive SOAP messages from a server. By chance, do you have any very simple examples of how to send/receive SOAP messages to and from a server. I have the SOAP and XML worked out, I just need to know how to wrap it in VB for the User interface. Thanks in Advance.
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