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Thread: Modifying label's text property hangs program and whole IDE

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    Modifying label's text property hangs program and whole IDE

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure I'm asking this in the correct place. Please bear with me if I'm not. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of forums here but I can't wait to get in and dig around

    I have this problem I have been completely unable to figure out. Every now and again and on various lines of code in various routines (no pattern to it... that'd be way too easy to solve ;-) ) my system will hang. The program hangs. Visual Studio hangs and the only way to get going again is to CTRL-ALT-DEL out of it and start VS over.

    Other times, the "offending" line of code will execute fine.

    Like I said, it's in different areas of the program but it's always a label that I'm trying to update the text property of. For instance:

    lblStatus.text = "Updating something now"
    Sometimes, in trying to figure this out, I've stopped execution before this line and just tried to do an immediate query on the value of lblStatus. Interestingly, the command window will get few a few of the label's properties and methods and then it'll start giving me this "cannot be evaluated" error.

    Anyone ever seen something like this? I'll post more code if you like but it doesn't seem to matter which bit of code I'm on as it has happened over several routines. I checked the threads and I'm pretty sure the thread with this code in it is active.

    Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.
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