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Thread: Language change with a click of button.

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    Question Language change with a click of button.

    Hello everybody,

    I am currently developing a application for my automation controls such as HMI. Before i get deep into my project, i would like to hear out some opinions out there.

    My project will contain multiple languages(english, spanish, chinese, japanese, korean, etc) with a click of buttons/radio buttons to switch languages.
    The application will contain a main screen with buttons, that lead to multiple screens. Once the language is selected, buttons, lots of text, images, will change according to whichever language that I have selected.

    What is the best way of doing this ?

    1) SQL database that stores all the languages, and once the language is selected, the screen will pull out all data from sql database instead ? The rate of it changing will be slow?

    2) Localization. Been reading it but have not gotten a grasp of it yet.

    3) anymore ideas?

    Hope to hear from someone out there!

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    Use Resource files.
    language.en-US.resx(US english) etc..,
    in your application to do localization.
    On the button click , change the cultureInfo to related language. it will update your language

    Selvam S


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