VB 2010


I have a application at work that users use to help fill in templates, it then populates outlook with all relevant information to send.

My works is currently moving over to Outlook 365, so the users only have access to the web based outlook 365 logging in via a portal.

I have tested the following code on my PC and it does work ok, but the users use thin clients on Citrix, and the program just hangs when try to send email, it doesn't seem to timeout or even error out, just hangs, I then have to use the Citrix client to terminate the process.

I am hopeing you guys can throw some light on this.

Imports System.Net.Mail

     Public Sub SendEmailOutlook365(sSubject As String, sBody As String, _
                                                             sTo As String, sCC As String, _
                                                             sFilename As String, _
                                                                sFrom As String, sPassword As String)

         Dim Smtp_Server As New SmtpClient
         Dim e_mail As New MailMessage()
         Smtp_Server.UseDefaultCredentials = False
        ' I have tried both of these and they work on my PC but I am outside the citrix platform
         'Smtp_Server.Credentials = New Net.NetworkCredential(sFrom, sPassword, "mydomain.com")
         Smtp_Server.Credentials = New Net.NetworkCredential(sFrom, sPassword)

          Smtp_Server.Port = 587
          Smtp_Server.EnableSsl = True
          Smtp_Server.Host = "smtp.office365.com"

          Smtp_Server.Timeout = 10000

          e_mail = New MailMessage()
          e_mail.From = New MailAddress(sFrom)

          e_mail.Subject = sSubject
          e_mail.IsBodyHtml = False
          e_mail.Body = sBody

          MsgBox("Mail Sent")

     Catch error_t As Exception
     End Try

     End Sub