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Thread: [HOW TO ?]Open default browser in a controlled window

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    [HOW TO ?]Open default browser in a controlled window

    im new here and im generally noob ... so i hope that you wont flame
    my problem is the following :
    i want to open the DEFAULT webbrowser of a computer in a controlled windows in , and inside that windows (of the controlled default browser ) to open a webpage and remain in this page for a certain time ... then open another webpage and remain again for certain time ....
    how do i do that ?
    thank you

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    Presumably you mean that you want to display the browser within a form of your application and, generally speaking, that can be done but it is going to be the entire browser window, i.e. tool bars and title bar and all, and your app has pretty much no control over what happens inside it. These browsers are completely independent processes so, while you can affect them in some ways, doing so is not simple and it is also limited. Would it be possible for some other developer to rip a TextBox out of your app and make it work the way they wanted inside their app? The answer is "no", and you can't do something similar to another app.


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