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Thread: GUI runs while in debug mode but executable did not run...

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    GUI runs while in debug mode but executable did not run...

    Hi. My - using Express Visual Basic 2010 - ran "perfectly" while running in Visual Studio environment.
    However, once I have built the executable, it would not.

    A little more detail: My GUI communicates with a PIC micro controller via RS-232 - to pass commands and data to and from PC.

    Thinking that the serial buffer must have gotten "stuck" I would clear it out at the end of each SerialPort1_DataReceived interrupt routine.

    SerialPort1.DiscardInBuffer() ' Flushes received buffer
    SerialPort1.DiscardOutBuffer() ' Flushes transmit buffer

    This did nothing to the app. Still won't run.

    I know there is a serial "hiccup" somewhere. Is there an even more generic serial port buffer flush API for

    Please advise. Thanks.

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    We can't tell you anything based on the information you provided. What does "won't run" even mean? You need to be far more specific.

    Have you tried putting tracing code in to tell you where you are in your app? Unless you have some idea of what your app is doing and isn't doing, you're just guessing and you're asking us to guess with even less information. Have your app write out something when it gets to particular points in the code and then you'll know how far you're getting. You can then narrow it down even further and eventually work out exactly what the last line of code it was that got executed.


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