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Thread: sending "enter" to a microchip serially

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    sending "enter" to a microchip serially

    I am communicating with a propeller microchip serially. It works when I use a serial terminal, and I can read and write things to the chip using a program

    the problem I am having is that I don't seem to be able to send the equivalent of an "Enter" keystroke to the propeller. there is a line of code in the propeller that waits for a decimal number followed by "enter"

    How do I send the equivalent of an enter keystroke from a program?

    I have tried Write(chr(10)) , chr 13, chr 27, writeLine using the same characters. vbCr, vbCrLF

    the VB program goes through the motions, I can see activity by LED's on the serial port in the correct number, timed very far apart... Nothing I send seems to be recognized by the propeller as an "enter"... the propeller waits for an "enter"

    thank you

    EDIT: I discovered that I needed to place a delay between the sending of the decimal and the sending of the Chr(13) ... the propeller micro controller does not detect framing errors, and apparently that is about what what was happening without the delay ... thanks to anyone who read and thought about replying.
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