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Thread: Run commands on cmd/bat and modify onthefly

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    Run commands on cmd/bat and modify onthefly

    i have a simple form with 3 buttons and one text box

    One button will be start , another to stop.

    start should run commands on cmd in a loop until stop is pressed. Or i can make it start a bat file to simple start an .exe

    but i need for people to be able to enter more paths to more exes and fall inside the loop using the textbox and a add button, but also be able to see the paths on a label and remove them maybe.

    my main cocnern is how can i do so the user can add their own paths to their own exes, like notapad, calculator etc.
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    How would you normally get a user to add an item to a list? The obvious option seems to be to have a TextBox for the input of the item, a Button to add it to the list and a ListBox to display the list. You could have a second Button to delete an item from the list. You could let the user type in the path themselves or force them to select a file using an OpenFielDialog or allow them to do either. If you allow free input then you'll need to validate that the file exists. You might also want to restrict which file types they can select, which the OpenFileDialog can do.


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