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Thread: MDI Child Display In Tab Pages

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    MDI Child Display In Tab Pages

    hello guys,
    i have an application written in vb .net (2008) which consists of mdi form and several child forms. instead of arranging child forms in cascade,tile or horizontal, i would like to display them in tabpages. so if user clicks menu to access child forms, new tabpage is created and it contains the child form and so on. any advice what should i do ?

    thank you

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    I don't want to discourage people from using this site to find with problems but a problem is something that you've tried to find a solution to and have been unable. When you can find the information you need in 20 seconds with a web search, it's not a problem. I just Binged " tabbed mdi" and 20 seconds later I was looking at this:

    Tabbed MDI Window Manager - Home

    That was just one of what looked like several useful results. I can appreciate that it may have taken you a bit longer to hit upon the best search keywords but it's not like they weren't rather obvious. If you want to improve as a developer then learning to help yourself first is an important lesson. You are the one who will benefit.


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