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Thread: Deleting Items from ListView

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    Question Deleting Items from ListView


    I want to know how can I delete duplicates items from a listview.

    I hope anyone helps me,

    See ya,

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    Finding duplicates in a ListView and removing items from a ListView are two unrelated tasks. Which one are you having issues with? What have you tried so far? What consideration have you given the problem? If you intend to write code then you have to know what that code is supposed to do so have you worked out what it's supposed to do? Think it through. What steps would you have to perform to find a duplicate item in a list? I'll bet that you could do it if I asked you to with pen and paper so you can obviously work out what the code has to do. If you haven't done that yet then it's too soon to be posting here asking for help. We can help when you encounter an issue but if you haven't thought the problem through yet then you haven't encountered an issue yet.

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