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Thread: DataGrid Check Box Keeps Rechecking Itself

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    DataGrid Check Box Keeps Rechecking Itself

    I have a datagrid with a CheckBox Column. Everytime I try unchecking it and checking the next cell down it rechecks the Checkbox cell I just unchecked. Does anyone know what I could use to stop it from rechecking a DataGridCheckBoxColumn when leaving that cell and checking another one?

    I've commented out all of my code, tested, and I'm still not having any luck. Thanks.

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    We can't tell you how to stop it because it's not something that happens by default. Either something is corrupt or there's something in your app that's doing it. Have you tried creating a new test project that isolates just that functionality? If the same thing doesn't happen there then that's proof positive that it's something to do specifically with your project. We'd need more specific details of what you're doing and how you're doing it to know why that's happening.

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