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Thread: Need help with Notepad App feature development

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    Need help with Notepad App feature development

    I would like some help to get started on this, I have attached the pdf (what I am supposed to do with pictures) and also what code I have done thusfar in developing this app.

    DetailsPage.xaml changes:

    Add an application bar icon button whose Text is "settings". Add an application bar menu item
    whose text is "archive".

    In OnNavigatedTo, set some properties for the TextBox on this page to match similar properties in
    the Note class. So the TextBox Background should be set to the Note's ScreenBrush property, its
    Foreground should be set to the Note's TextBrush property, and its FontSize should be set to the
    Note's TextSize property.

    You will need to make changes to OnNavigatedTo, your method that saves a note, and your method
    that deletes a note. Once again, you will have to determine which list of notes you are working with.
    You will need to add an event handler for the "archive" menu click. You will want to remove the
    current note form the active list and add it to the archive list.

    You need to add an event handler for the settings icon button click. When this button is clicked,
    navigate to a new xaml page named PageSettings.xaml. That page is shown below.

    This is the page that allows a user to choose a background screen color, text color, and font size for
    the notes. Clicking on the screen color rectangle or text color rectangle should bring up a xaml page
    that contains 16 rectangles for 16 colors. Install event handlers for MouseLeftButtonUp on the two
    Rectangles seen above. Use a query string parameter when navigating to the color picker xaml page
    so that you know which rectangle was clicked on. See http://msdn.microsof...7(v=vs.85).aspx
    for color names and html color codes.

    The user should be able to click on one of the 16 colored rectangles and then click an app bar icon
    button to "save" that choice. When save is clicked on this page, set the TempScreenColor variable in
    the Settings class (or the TempTextColor variable) to the chosen color and then navigate back to this
    settings page. Also put a "cancel" app bar icon button that when clicked will simply navigate back
    to the settings page.

    I suggest providing a name for each of the 16 rectangles. Then, in a MouseLeftButtonUp event
    handler, you can cast sender to a Rectangle type. Now you can access the rectangle's name. Use a
    switch statement to check which rectangle was clicked on and generate a Color that matches that

    When you navigate back to the Settings page, check TempScreenColor and TempTextColor. If they
    are not null, that means that the user choose a screen color or text color and that the current note
    should now set its ScreenColor and/or TextColor to the chosen value(s).

    Also set the screen color rectangle on this page and the rectangle that contains the "Sample text"
    string to the chosen screen color. Set the text color rectangle on this page and the string "Sample
    text" to the chosen text color. Remember to set those temp variables back to null after fetching the
    color information.

    The slider seen above should be used to size the text. As the slider is adjusted, set both the "Sample
    text" string and the current note's TextSize to be the slider's value. The reset button should set the
    TextSize back to its default size


    Thanks in advance!!

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    Please ask a specific question. Concentrate on one issue at a time, tell us exactly what you're trying to accomplish, show us the relevant code and explain how the actual behaviour differs from your expectation.


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