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  1. JuggaloBrotha

    How to print textbox value to thermal printer?

    Have you looked up how to do printing in .Net? There are hundreds of examples and tutorials, all you really need to do is find one you can understand and be sure to set the paper size and margins for the thermal printer/paper.
  2. JuggaloBrotha

    Question How to change button control tags & tooltip info at runtime?

    When you click on an item in the TreeView you change a couple of controls on your form, at least a Label and Textbox towards the top, that tells me you have code that does a lookup of what's selected in the TreeView to know what values to set those control's Text property to. You'd do the same...
  3. JuggaloBrotha

    Question How to change button control tags & tooltip info at runtime?

    Setting the tag property is easy, instead of .Text = "" it's .Tag = "" Setting the tooltip isn't difficult either, you call the SetToolTip() function on your form's ToolTip control, you pass it the control you want the tooltip changed on followed by the text you want it to say. For example...
  4. JuggaloBrotha

    Question Need Help on start form on second screen

    As jmc has already stated you need to change the form's StartPosition to Manual before setting the location values, otherwise it's ignored: Dim SecondMonitor = Screen.AllScreens.FirstOrDefault(Function(x) Not x.Primary) If SecondMonitor IsNot Nothing Then Dim NewLocation =...
  5. JuggaloBrotha

    Form Event problem

    If you look in the list of events for a Form you'll notice there's a GotFocus and a LostFocus that I think you're looking for.
  6. JuggaloBrotha

    Routing table

    If you're stuck on getting the client's IP address here's this:Imports System Imports System.Web Module IP Function GetIPAddress() As String Return GetIPAddress(New HttpRequestWrapper(HttpContext.Current.Request)) End Function Friend Function GetIPAddress(ByVal request As...
  7. JuggaloBrotha

    Question SQL Update Query issue

    First thing I see is you say you want to do an update query but your code shows an insert query. It looks like you have the start of code for an update query, but it's commented out so I don't know if that's where you need help or not. Can you please specify.
  8. JuggaloBrotha

    Problem with a sting

    Try doing it this way:Dim commandString As String = $"Select file_no From [DPs].[dbo].[DpsInfo] Where file_no in (select file_no from DpsPhone where Phone_no = '{ph}')"
  9. JuggaloBrotha

    Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate on Windows 10

    I dunno what you're doing teddy.forum, but on Win10 Enterprise x64 I have: VS 2008 SP1 VS 2010 SP1 VS 2013.4 VS 2015.3 They all work just fine.
  10. JuggaloBrotha

    Code to search if file exists

    http://www.vbforums.com/ has a good vba section.
  11. JuggaloBrotha

    The application is in break mode. For no reason!

    What exactly happens when it "breaks"? Does your program show an error message? Does the CLR show an app crash error message? Does your program simply show as "Not Responding" in the task manager?
  12. JuggaloBrotha

    Answered Create Database problem in SQL

    The user account you're connecting to doesn't have Create Database permission, which is pretty normal as usually the database isn't create via code the program that uses it. Are you able to connect using SSMS and create the database there?
  13. JuggaloBrotha

    SQL server name?

    Wouldn't you get that error if you're trying to attach a database file when there's already a different database with that name on the server? This could be Sql telling him there's a Sql database name conflict.
  14. JuggaloBrotha

    Question How to skip/ignore or bypass empty Text boxes while calculating ?

    I would look into the TryParse method for either Integer or Decimal depending on whether the values in the textboxes have decimal digits, if the TextBox is left blank you can use a string "0" in as it's value when trying to convert to the numeric type. Then just add them up together or whatever...
  15. JuggaloBrotha

    Problem running a SSIS package

    O, everything looks as I thought it would, so now I'm wondering what user account(s) those things run under when it's initiated from your machine and what user account(s) they run under when initiated from the vb app (as well as if the vb app runs as a different user than your machine)?
  16. JuggaloBrotha

    Problem running a SSIS package

    Can you please post the code snippets for the vb.net app calling the sql server stored procedure and the stored procedure initiating the SSIS package?
  17. JuggaloBrotha

    Question problem with an import statement and running a SSIS package

    Ok, that means you have the dll's installed on your system for use and what you need to do is add a reference to the Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll file in your project, I don't know the path on your machine but here's a screenshot of it on my machine: Then I can use your code like so...
  18. JuggaloBrotha

    Question problem with an import statement and running a SSIS package

    I have to ask the obvious, do you have Sql Server Data Tools (SSDT) installed on your machine?
  19. JuggaloBrotha

    Resolved alone .Net framework

    .Net 4.5.1 is an install on top of .Net 4.0 You have both .Net 4.0 and ".Net 4.5.1" installed at the same time.
  20. JuggaloBrotha

    Question How to extract fraction from single Text Box

    One thing to keep in mind is the possibility of bad input from the user and before doing any math on anything gotten from the textbox you should make sure what they put in can be converted to a decimal and you can use Decimal.TryParse() for that after splitting the string on the "/" character...
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