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  1. jmcilhinney

    Question Checking in/out code on two different PCs

    Firstly, it would be magic for some other machine to be able to see the changes on the first machine without the first machine sending those changes somewhere over the network. I've already given you an option to sync multiple machines without using source control, i.e. OneDrive. The problem...
  2. jmcilhinney

    Question Checking in/out code on two different PCs

    Of course. If you are using TFS then I would think that you are already keeping multiple machines in sync. You just need to specify TFS as the source control provider in VS and then pull the project files from the repository.
  3. jmcilhinney

    Question Checking in/out code on two different PCs

    Note that Azure DevOps can be used by the largest teams but the basic functionality is still fine for a single developer to use. I use it to keep my home desktop and synced with my Surface Pro, which I use when commuting.
  4. jmcilhinney

    Question Checking in/out code on two different PCs

    The poor man's option would be to store your source code under your OneDrive folder or the like and have the files synced that way. A better option is to use a source control provider. You can set up your own or you can use a cloud-based solution. I'm not sure about Community but VS Pro has...
  5. jmcilhinney

    Question .NET Framework version

    Windows XP itself is not supported by Microsoft so, if you are going to choose to support users on XP, targeting an unsupported version of .NET doesn't seem like a big deal. Just be aware that those users might want to blame you if something happens to their system or data through a .NET...
  6. jmcilhinney

    Question McAfee says this site is dangerous ?

    The site has recently been migrated from the vBulletin forum software to the more modern Xenforo, so I would imagine that it has something to do with that. Hopefully Neil, the site admin, will be able to address the issue.
  7. jmcilhinney

    Resolved counting rows from a query

    The point of ExecuteScalar is to return the value from the first column of the first row of the result set of a query. It is generally used with a query that produces a result set with one column and one row. Your query produces a result set with two columns and potentially multiple rows. The...
  8. jmcilhinney

    Saving back to an Access database

    By the way, you really, really ought to turn Option Strict On in your project and also in the VS options, so it will be On by default for future projects. You have declared a Function there with no return type and that doesn't return anything. That's dodgy. A method that doesn't return...
  9. jmcilhinney

    Saving back to an Access database

    There really is way too much code there. By posting lots of irrelevant code, you actually obscure the issue and make it harder for us to focus on that issue and thus less likely that we'll take the time to help you. Saving data using ADO.NET is easy. You already have a method that will accept...
  10. jmcilhinney

    separate/combine a code into a line?

    If you need to ask those questions then you need to get a better grasp of the basics of programming in VB. There's a link to a good tutorial in my signature below. You should follow that link and work your way through the tutorial. As for the questions themselves, you already know how to do...
  11. jmcilhinney

    separate/combine a code into a line?

    If you're finding that adding new code is corrupting old code then you are most likely doing something wrong, so you should work out what and address that. It is possible that there is something wrong with your computer, you Windows installation or your VS installation, in which case you should...
  12. jmcilhinney

    Question Need Help on start form on second screen

    That code will do the job but you have to have set the StartPosition property of the form to Manual in order to manually set the initial location.
  13. jmcilhinney

    Question Putting multiple texts into an image.

    I'm rather incredulous that you need an example but here goes: Dim img As Image = picGrid.Image
  14. jmcilhinney

    Question Putting multiple texts into an image.

    You're still creating a new Image object each time. The new code simply uses the existing Image as a basis for that new Image. Why not just use the existing Image?
  15. jmcilhinney

    Question Putting multiple texts into an image.

    That's because you are creating a new Bitmap object every time in the MouseDown event handler. If you expect to add something new to the existing image then you need to use the existing image as a string point, not a new image that will obviously be blank by default. Just create one Bitmap and...
  16. jmcilhinney

    Question DataGridView padding still there even though it's set to zero

    How you're actually getting the pattern into the cells is rather relevant information. Are we talking Images in Image cells? GDI+ on the CellPainting event of TextBox cells? Something else? You should provide enough information that we can replicate the problem in order to test possible...
  17. jmcilhinney

    Question scroll PrintPreviewDialog

    Without looking into whether your specific issue can be addressed, there's always the possibility of creating your own dialogue containing a PrintPreviewControl.
  18. jmcilhinney

    'Add' function adds two objects instead of one. Is this a bug?

    How are you getting/creating the CurrentUser? are you getting it from the context?
  19. jmcilhinney

    'Add' function adds two objects instead of one. Is this a bug?

    I thought we already covered this on another site. If you add an entity to the context and that entity has other entities related to it that aren't already in the context then of course they get added too. How would it make sense not to? If it didn't happen that way and you saved NewUser back...
  20. jmcilhinney

    Multi-Threaded file copying?

    You should do some reading on the ThreadPool class for more specific information because I don't actually know the answer to that question, but I would assume that all cores would be utilised. I'm not sure that that would even be up to .NET but rather the domain of the OS, but I'm not really...
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